midnight updates

June 19, 2010.


goodmorning blog.

sigh. i amusing my lil sister's lappy. things that i really dislike about her lappy is clearly gramatical errors identified and iamlazy to corret it.

her keyboard has being silly andneeded to type harder than usual. if iam using my usual preassure, some words connected within each others.

i did click the space bar but sometimes it still did not work. should i type like a typewriter?

beside the space bar another reason why i dislike her lappy is it cannot detected grammatical errors such as wrong spelling and etc.

being me, i am still in a learning process writing in english. however,please excuse me if in thismidnight updates there are lot of gramatical errors. huhu hu.

oh,i am sleepy. now was 0130 morning. still awake -___-"this is the last day i enjoy this moment staying up and updating blog.

starting tomorrow onwards, say good bye to sleep late midnight because my holiday is over. arghh.. i wish i could extend it. sob. sob.


feels like many stories toshare howeveri am busy chit chat with my ex-girl school mate about her brother's wedding ceremony. her brother is an army officer.

dont blame me why chatting with her now is the prior rather than updating blog. hu hu.

this is such a new experience for getting to know more about army's life. wink. insya Allah, why not because this is for my good sake too.

on the other hand, i did found one of my ex-girl school mate is marrying an army officer too. i did go through on her fb and enjoytheir wedding pics. ha ha. thank you fb for conneting me with my buddies.

over all, there are 3 of my ex girl school mate married with armies. alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah.

p/s: is praying hard for this good willing always and forever showered by joys and happiness.



Liza said...

i am never good using someone's laptop, feel so awkward and will make me type slower