bad habits -__-"

June 19, 2010.


good morning blog.

saturday is my last day of holiday. hurm.. sunday blues hu hu.

since i have been off for holiday for almost two weeks there are lot of things shall be prepare for tomorrow. i started dig out my work loads and review them one by one.

purchase order - done.
necessary reports - pending.
menu changes - pending.
what else eh? hurm..

hu hu. sometimes i claim i dislike my work station when the work loads burden me and nearly cracked my head.

however, when i look at the positive ways all this are experiences and knowledge. just go grab them! the important thing is never give up.

for today, i dont have any specific activities to do except blog walking, updating blog, cooking spagethi requested by my lil sis and enjoying last moments of holiday. ha ha.

before i signing off <- kak liza i did copy your style wink! here are some of my bad habits' pics:

online on bed!

eating also on bed!!

ha ha. seriously bad!!!

see you later, blog. have a great weekend all.

p/s: enjoy!!!