that what we called a surprise !!

April 06, 2010.


good morning blog.

yesterday is monday. the date that i must remember for the rest of my life. it is important for us esp.

because my sweetheart has moving for goods to pahang. he is no longer at sg. besi camp, done his training at ipoh camp and now transferred to pahang camp.

i am sad. i pray hard that he will always doing fine there.

even he said, it was horror!


back to the story,

about a month we did not meet each others and i am kind of miss him so much. couple of days earlier, he told me that he wanna celebrate for my becoming birthday.

i said, ok. never thought any surprise or what so ever.

so, when i was in kl he told me to meet him here. in fact, he did mention never asked him anything until we met. hurm..

* nervous ok.

thousand of questions mix up in my minds. i am stuck! what's going on eh? why must meeting me there? hurm.

i text him once i arrived there. he met me at the entrance and requested me to park my car 1st. with no arguments, i follow his instruction. hu hu hu.

then he bring me to the coffee house and omg!

he seriously wanted to celebrate my becoming birthday there. i am so speechless. he really surprised me.


i received a special gift from him! ha ha ha. which supposed i buy that for myself.

every year, i bought my own birthday gift for myself without fails. so, this year i decided to buy a white gold necklace.

i had survey couple of weeks ago and did mention to him about my wish list. it doesnt mean that i want him to buy this for me.

however, without i noticed he bought me a rose gold necklace.

thanks my love.

p/s: unfortunately no pics yet to share. soon will update them.