5 songs i must say yesss

April 06, 2010.


good morning blog! hi..

let me list 5 songs which i must say yesss when ever i am going for karaoke:

ha ha ha.

1. ku di halaman rindu - lefthanded.
i am a big fan of lefthanded! in fact i never fails to sing their song. most of the time i sing it for warming up. huhh haahhh huuuhhh hahhh.

2. tiada lagi kidungmu - lefthanded.
rolling eyes. even i dont know what does it mean by kidungmu. hu hu hu.

3. fantasia bulan madu - search.
i am a big fan of search too. in fact biggest ever than lefthanded. no offense eh. i am growing up with their songs. even though i am not singing but screaming most of the time ha ha ha ha! no matter what.

4. senggol-senggolan cubit cubitan - mas idayu.
at least i do select one female song rather than never. wink wink.

5. i dont wanna miss a thing - aerosmith.
because i miss him so much. *cried.

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p/s: how about you eh?