good morning shah alam

April 05, 2010.


good morning buddies.

sorry for not updates for few days. hu hu hu.

currently i stay in shah alam meeting my girls, hanging out with them karaoke and watching alice in wonderland! and having a chocs indulgences with them.

today i suppose have an appointment for braces but unfortunately there is no slot for me. luckily dr shah said he can have a slot for other treatments which i cant reveal it now. wink wink.

eh, i wanna have my late breakfast 1st, later i will update my story for you. catch me after this.

sunny sunday at shah alam

p/s: have a great monday babes..



SekociNorlie said...

salam, syirah...ahhah ampunnkan la kakak ko yang dol ni, haku x perasan pun ada comment aku kena tagged...hahah apa yg aku kena tagged pun aku x tau...diary hang ni dah byk sgtbpostingnyaa...

btw nice blog and nice writing toooo!!! comelll mcm orgnyaa...ehehh kita warga shah alee jugooo...