recent arguments

March 12, 2010.


good morning. happy friday all.

i wish today is my last day before off for school holidays but it will be postpone until sunday noon. hurm..

recently, i am counting days for taking long long looooong rest.. many things happen makes me tired and head aches to move on T_T

how come?? this morning i start my entry with sort of dilemma in my daily life. talking about unstoppable problems.. hu hu hu.

couple of days ago i post about this matter and received lot of feed backs from fb and blog. thanks a bunch buddies..

i kindly appreciate with your concerned and many thanks for any advices. however, i do remember few of my friends suggested us (my sweetheart and i) to tie the knots..

definitely sounds easy.. just married. therefore, no one couldnt do bad things to you or no body will flirting to you~ sigh.

i guess it was not the conclusions lah. maybe not all of you knows that my sweetheart is army's officer. being an army's wife/ girlfriend was not easy as others.

they must mentally and physically prepared for what ever coming next!

i ask myself, am i ready to challenge myself for it? initially, i am still preparing myself for it.. every day i remind myself to must be strong enough, independent and ready 24/7 for any uncertainties happen.

in fact, the final decision to tie the knots need properly discussion between both families. personally, sort of important discussion like this was between my sweetheart and i request.

it is not about others.. i do prefer both are 100% ready, stable enough esp career, financial support and etc etc. *cough-cough..

p/s: complicated ouh!



lily lotus said...

kalau dah sampai seru go on jer dear. ikut akak kawen muda..anak dah dua pun still muda lagi..hihi

07raflessia said...

saya tag awk!