i am in trouble

March 11, 2010.


good evening every one.

oh, so tired! my staffs on leave T_T hu hu hu. there are triple work loads now.. hurm.. ok just leave it.


how to start eh? i have a problem. it is serious and kindly need further actions. it was started last month..

to make it short, do click below's pictures eh..

so buddies, do you have any suggestions to share. fyi,my sweetheart's know about this ord.. he also worried about me..

insya Allah, my love to him always strong. no matter what ^_____^

p/s: i love you, sweetheart. always..



♥naematulsaadahismail♥ said...

syira dear.
he flirting around maybe just to test his market.. ngee~
jgn layan jek.lama2 dia diam
dont respon to him even a letter

hanin said...

kawen la yang oiii