the best achievement so far ..

March 08, 2010.


good morning babes..

hurm.. i cant believe this! now was 2nd week of march?? what i have done for january and february? am i on the right track to achieve 2010 mission and vision? -____-"

1st and foremost, alhamdulillah i am still here breathing, living happily and healthy, still in passion (writing blog) and etc etc..

as far as i could remember, i wish for a better life, career and love. 3 general things that i believes every one wish for unless when you ord on the comfort zone!

in life i pray hard to have family and buddies around me who never fails to share tears and happiness, support and hold me tight ^_____^

in career i am still searching and aiming for my dreams job! but.. it's hard to describe what are the best for us. sigh..

currently i am learning, experiencing and challenging myself for things that i am not belongs to. hu hu hu.

however, in love relationship i am glad that my sweetheart will always near with me. it is not about the distance.. my heart, my soul and my mind stick with him..

therefore, peeps didnt get all they wanted in life but without they realized there is something which is important and must appreciate when ever it is belongs to you..

enough said.

in year 2010, i never thought that i manage to do this! which is driving in far distance with my lil car. ha ha ha.


this is another record in my life where by i drive to lumut and then send my sweetheart to ipoh military camp. phew..

tired! but i love it. well done, lil car. you did it!!

p/s: he was bullying me to drive to lumut T_T hu hu hu.