appointment with dentist (6)

March 08, 2010.

assalamualaikum every one.

how was your weekend? mine - working for the whole week. i cant wait for the next monday which was school holiday a.k.a my off days ^_____^

before that i would love to inform that by today i will announce lucky winners for my simple contest.. last saturday night i selected the best ** comments!

so to those who listed after this do drop your comments and will keep in touch with you soon.

next.. next..

is the story about my appointment with dentist for braces case. wahh! i dont believes this.. it was my 6th appointment with the dentist, dr shah since last dec 2009.

1st march was the appointment supposed on 1030am. but i do text the dentist and inform him that i am late because during that time i sleep over at my sweetheart's home in kl.

in the morning, while i was packing my stuffs and then wearing braces suddenly

i found..

oh no!! the wire split from the joint (something like that lah) hu hu hu

i am not sure how it be like that. lucky this happen before the appointment so the dentist immediately can fix it for me. wink wink.

psst.. i never show you how it looks a like is it? there you are how the braces is. picture above shows the upper part of braces. the bottom part was doing fine.

while meeting the dentist, he inform me that the alignment of my teeth have changed/ improved! alhamdulillah..

in addition, there is another appointment to set around april to monitor the changes. might be around two or three times after he satisfied i dont need to see him but still wearing the braces for 1/2 year period.

in fact, my buddies told me that the alignment of my teeth much much more better than before!

before i end up my 1st entry for today, fill free to enjoy this pictures taken during the appointment:

i am so happy to hear the development of my teeth along the period with braces ^_____^

p/s: any one esp in shah alam or kl who interested to wear braces for free* do text me for further info.

* terms and condition applied.



*ayu the sun* said...

for free??

anyways.. x sabar nak dating ngan u sis.. nak tgk rupa baru..

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cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum kak ayu.
wish to see you too sis!
if i am going to shah alam, i'll inform you k.

merahjamboo said...

dear,boleh tak kalau saya nak tahu lebih lanjut psl retainer/braces ni?nnti tingglkn dkat mane2 commentbox saya ok?;)

thanx a lot!!