sleepy. tired. restless.

March 08, 2010.


hello there. good evening.

this entry have been written by me last night. but i keep and publish it by this evening.

sunday was my working day. i woke up around 7am and snoozed alarm until 8am rushed for shower.

then off to work.

when i arrived school's hostel, i found my brothers and sisters were having an aerobics! boys esp at the back of the line like to call me and requested me to join them. ha ha ha.

naughty eh!

this is how they brighten my days working here.. wink wink.

the operational staffs have been running smoothly and they collaborating to ensure things done effectively and efficiency. well done, babes!

twice a week, there will be held a meeting where by i must inform and pass messages from the big boss. in fact, i shall encourage my staffs to perform the best services to client.

started from sunday i will handling purchase orders for stocks! sound simple but it is difficult when there is no systems guide.

just imagine i have to ensure stocks must be ready for 500 students for 6 time meals per day for 7 days -_____-" hu hu hu.

at the 1st place it will cracked my head but when i just follow the system everything will be much much more easier.. hurm. but the system is manual. so, need to work hard for it!

every day i must contact with 8 suppliers and deals with them.. thing is i need to manage time and work schedule properly to avoid any difficulty during the operational activities.

files. report. order. are my daily routines. on the other hand the cleanliness and performances of staffs must be maintain to gain higher quality of services.

such a big responsible for me to handle this. hurm..

however, thank to all my staffs who never fails to help and support me from the beginning. since we are in team, teamwork and communication were very important in organization.

therefore, my days were packed and hectic resulted i am sleepy, tired and restless. isk..

p/s: how about your working conditions eh?