rare things about me


1st, i would like to remind warn that this entry might be a geli-geli scary to view. so take your own risk k. hu hu hu.

are you ready to get to know rare things about me. not much that i can share today. it is just what exactly happen during my 1st time story visiting zoo negara.

ha ha ha!

i heart snakes. every time i saw them esp when they allowing us to cam whoring or experiencing to hold them i will be the 1st person who want to try.

i am not sure when was the 1st time i try to hold this. but what i really know is this is not my 1st time hold snakes!

let me refresh..

there's one time, when my previous university held a convocation last 2005 (if i am not mistaken) there invited zoo jb to have a mini zoo and i cam whoring with a snake. i hold it at my neck, body and hand.

i am cam whoring a yellow snake at malacca town. still remember that my best buddy sabil ran away and left noa and me cam whoring with this rare animal ^___^

i am not remember when, but it held at batu pahat mall. i went to my lil sister.. there's a mini zoo inside the mall. i am excited when saw a snake and started cam whoring. hu hu hu.. who cares!

last 2008 i went to maha 2008 at upm serdang with my sweetheart and again i hold a snake. as usual, cam whoring lah! ha ha ha.

the latest is 2nd january 2010 at zoo negara. wink. wink.

there's a secret i want to tell you.. i hope that he didnt read it. hu hu hu. i think my sweetheart is geli geli with snakes. i never seen him hold or even touch snakes like i did o___O

p/s: any one like to share their rare things about something? he he.



daela said...

eeeee.....akk geli nengok awak pegang ular...eeee...terus mengeleman kat sini...

Sherry said...

so much fun, I pun put on snake before. :)


yuna yakuza said...

huwargggggghhhh!!! nak pengsan..... +_+ nak muntah jugak.... huweksss.... arghhh!! tidakk!! tiidak!! tertengok ini entry... nanak masuk dah!! ~~pening2