eh.. this is the real 1st time story ..


hello babes.

before i skip the important part on my 1st time story going to zoo negara, let me share random pictures which is the exciting part during my day with sweetheart.

ok. not only with sweetheart, the most exciting part is when i can met animals live and learn about themselves e.g habitat, styles, smells, foods and etc. hu hu..

over all this is the map of zoo negara. over varies of animal out there, instead of melman the giraffe there is another rare animal that i really like most. eh. eh.. cat species didnt said as rare species right?

python or snakes. considered as rare.. was my favvy animals. will share about them soon.

believes me, we walk around this area from 930 am until 330 pm. including lunch break and animal shows T_T that's why i got foot blister..

enough said. i visited rabbits! cute. fluffy. and i wish to hold this tight! so sweet.. both of them, kind of romantic couple or siblings. always stay close together.

i heart both of them.

then we found a pony. she/ he was friendly..there's one silly thing that i did was i show my hand to her/him exactly like picture taken above and suddenly she/he kissed mine! surprised and i almost scream to her/ him. hu hu.. she/he shocked me!

pity her/ him. sorry darling. i didnt mean it. i guess she/ he wonder that i want to feed her/ him something. -___-"

hey.. hey.. it's me with melman. all giraffe i called as melman. ha ha ha !! seriously, i am addicted and big fan of the madagascar..

hurm. my sweetheart too. he is so super excited want to watch alex the lion!

then the elephant. is huge! again, there's another funny thing happen during we're cam whoring and watching them. i even cant stop laughing even other visitors too. ha ha..

one of the elephant is walking toward us. then i shoot her/ his picture. suddenly she/he show us her/ his booty and peeing! omg. T__T how come you??!

last but not least is i met kangaroo. the loneliness one. staying alone avoiding his/ her friends. otherwise, his/ her friends sabotage him/ her -___-"

pity you.

p/s: sweetheart told me, visiting zoo will be much more interesting when we bring kids with us. but then, i wonder how can we walk this large area and bring kids..

actually before this he doesnt want to go to zoo negara. he said, wait until we have kids. hu hu hu.