happy graduation day 2009


hello babes.

last weekend i went to jb attended sweetheart's graduation day in utm, skudai. that's why we stay in pulai spring resort.. this hotel is among the nearest to utm. i like it very much..

sweetheart's session was early in the morning. we arrived at utm around 11 am and the ceremony just finished.. huhu. doing fine, no need to stay waiting for long time out side the hall -__-"

alhamdulillah, it was sunny saturday.. makes me thirsty all the way. i gave him a bouquet of orange roses. i hope he like it.. the teddy bear was from his family and i. wink..wink. yup, i have share too ^_^

thank you very much to his sister for being such a great amateur photographer. hhihihi..

p/s: crazy couple!! -___-"



adenium said...

congratulations for him... :-)