spm 2002


hello babes..

last night i watched on tv3, east coast of malaysia hit by floods badly.. poor spm and stpm candidates due to that conditions.

i do flashback,

i am taking spm last oct 2002.. as usual end of year was raining almost every days. i do remember on cloudy morning i sit for pendidikan seni paper around 8 am - 12 pm. after finish my paper, i walked to hostel just near by..

my dorm was at the ground floor. after paper, i take a short nap. suddenly i heard some noise outside. when i wake up, surprised me when i saw the floor was full of water!

i run to study room tried to save my books. every body get busy tried hard to save their belongings.. during that time was raining heavily.. the water level increased tremendously.. around 2pm stpm candidates sit for biology 2 paper. yeah! i still remember that. while they're sitting for exam, floods hit the exam hall, hostels and school buildings!!

poor us.. huhu.. i thought there was the bad day ever esp for stpm candidates because they sit for exam on floods. the water level just few inches below their chairs. it's true..

at hostel, the water level increased until below my hip.. at the evening around 530 pm the water level decreased. things happen because water cross through the lower level areas. since my school is near the lake so there's no choice at all -__-"

p/s: that was my experiences on floods 2002.