hello babes.

i guess all of you have maybank2u account. as for me.. i am not yet. have one previously but forgot the password! can be considered as i dont have any. huhu.

recently i made more several transactions via online and need to pay as soon as possible esp for deposits etc etc. thing is i dont have time to drive to maybank and transfer the money.

i wonder that was great idea if i have one. previously, i'll asked sweetheart to do so using his money 1st but then sometime he cant help me due to his busy day.. omg. sometimes i thought i am too dependent to him in term of this.

sigh. it's better i start my engine to maybank and ask for their assistant for me to have my own online account. yes, i have to! another thing which i do really concern is probability for me to spend for business online is high. urghhh!

p/s: i must behave. do not buy anything which is not necessary. hurm.. *cross my fingers!



Anonymous said...

if u have ATM card, go to maybank ATM and request for Maybank2u. Create ur Internet Banking PIN number. Good idea to register ur HP number for TAC too.
Once done at the ATM, u can do 'First Time Login' ath the login page of maybank2u. After u accept the T&C, key in ur ATM card number in the access number column and the Internet Banking PIN. Once done, u can create ur username & password.
Now ur all set!