day 90: mission 1 (almost) complete

July 04, 2010.


good morning blog.

days, night, days, night.. today is the day 90 he officially as an army officer. alhamdulillah..

it was still early to predict what will happen next after i observed, he was buried by burden of work loads yet he always enjoy and love his career.

as far as what i am looking into myself, i didnt have any probs staying with him. zero complains about his time tables. i did enjoy the long distance relationship as much as i enjoy my life with the surroundings..

again, alhamdulillah.

after a month (more or less) he transferred to mentakab camp, he went to his 1st time mission at down south johore.

he never inform me details what the missions are all about because this is a private and confidential mission at the nation's boundaries.

once or twice a weeks he did make a phone calls to me, rarely text me esp on duty and updates about his current conditions after he settle his tasks.

and today is the last day after 2months of mission at down south..

according to our 1st plan, he thought he will get a holiday and pack his stuffs off to his home sweet home. then planning on our engagement.


he received a news that he need to attend a training course at pulada, jb. the training will be held from tomorrow morning onwards until nov, 2010.

hurm.. the good news is he will be at down south until nov, 2010. on the other hand, we shall postpone our engagement date to i am not sure when. hu hu..

however, i belives there is rainbow after a rainy day <-boleh?? ha ha.

p/s: until now, is getting ready to work station. see you then, blog.



Liza said...

Insyallah, if both of you are meant for each other, it will happen. Take care sis!