panadol soluble vs 100 plus

July 05, 2010.


good morning blog.

last night, i am still in 50-50 conditions. running nose and sneezing.. sigh. arghh..

there are 2options to recover my fever:

1) panadol soluble.
take one tablet and mix it with a cup of plain water.

2) 100plus.
drink a bottle of 100plus. maybe 2 or 3 bottles.

however.. in this current conditions i must avoid the 2nd option because i in red flag. hu hu.

based from my experiences, during the early stages of red flag carbonated drinks, ice and pineapple are foods which i never take until it's over.

this is because it will disturb the flow..

therefore, in order to help me getting better i am taking panadol soluble because it safe for me.

p/s: any one have any ideas, how to reduce running nose? in fact i am sneezing 3times within 30seconds! hu hu..



farahfatihah said...

minum air suam (betul2 suam) dgn byknye....