still not feeling well

July 03, 2010.


hi, blog.

hours ago, i just arrived home with my family from a full day of journey batupahat-muar-ledang-tangkak-segamat. it's tiring day because i am still not in a good condition. sob.

fyi, today is my off day. so i am lucky because i cant follow my family even though i am sick. who want to stay at home alone when the rest were having one day trip? hu hu..

today, my lil sister back to uitm segamat. so i dont want to miss for sending her back to school. since she's the one and only sister that i ever had, i fight with the sick and ensure i am ok during the whole journey.

thank god, segamat-batu pahat just about 2hours one way..

however, our journey to send her back to school started around 11am. 1st we send my grandma to cousin's house because she cant stay in a long journey due to her conditions.

off to batu pahat town and crossed the bridge to muar district. on the way to muar, we attended my dad's bff's daughter's wedding ceremony.

since this is our 1st time to his house, we turn on our manual gps (ha ha.. map on the wedding cards) and search manually according to the landmark given.

so far, i am quite good on reading a map so my dad let me guiding them.. it was raining heavily while we was at may dad's bff house. they were bff since they at sabah which was very long story..

after lunch (ha ha..) we cont the journey to muar town. there's been ages i didnt visited muar. many changes have been made but things remain i dont know until when was the heavy traffic jammed at the bridge T_T"

before we crossed the bridge, we stop 1st at the best kuih apam stall at the one way road. near by the old buildings.. sigh. i dont know how to describe la..

it's super cheap, RM0.20 per piece! nom. nom.

sob. sob. since i am not feeling well now, i didnt write much. can i? hu hu. along journey from ledang to tangkak i am sleeping. so nothing to share..

except i dislikes the heavy traffic jammed at tangkak and the time when we follow a lorry at 2 way lane which we didnt got any chances to speed! esp at tangkak-segamat routes.

and.. i am not sure around what time we arrived uitm segamat. i accompanied my lil sister for college registration and help her settled her stuffs.

oh, i am sick staying in front of lapp. i cant wait to finish this. sob.

done at her school, we off to my mom's hometown, muar. i visited my cousin's newborn. psst.. along, abang eddy got a 2nd son last month, muhammad qayum naqiuddin. sorr no pics. hu hu.

around 1730, we went to batu pahat our lovely home sweet home. after the long journey with raining, cloudy, windy and back to raining seasons now i am getting worst! hu hu.

is better i stop now. bye, blog. see you later.

p/s: tomorow i am half day of working. hope i am recovering very soon..



syazana said...

Tahniah untuk dia =)