day 100: nice number eh

July 13, 2010.


hi, blog..

nice number, 100 days. wink.

back to the previous entry, i did mention my sweetheart will visit me on last friday. well, it just a plan where by any time and any how it can be change depends on his current conditions.

in fact, the 1st plan is cancel. yesss. he cant visit me on last friday because of times limitation. am i frustrated? frankly speaking, i am not. i am ok.

this is because i need to conduct a very last minute plan event, last saturday. started on friday eve, i am super busy. luckily we postpone the date. ha ha.

bla bla bla. the hectic saturday is over. there were 2 events held at my work station last saturday. 1st is vvip lunch for 100pax. 2nd is bbq night for 60pax.

thing is the 2nd event is the most irritating event ever! sigh. i am dealing with top 10 fussy peeps and until now i am still hearing some noises from them. huhh.

fine. back to the story, last sunday my sweetheart visited me at my work station. this is our 1st time ever met each others after almost 3 months ++ he left me.

what a lovely day ever. ha ha. i can see him with his red nike jersey stand by waiting for me. my heart beat fast! well, i am nervous. *blushed.

eh, better stop now. some one at hq visiting me.. will cont later..

p/s: he wear red nike jersey and i wear red padini top. i love the coincidences.