i cant stop smiling since last night

July 09, 2010.


good morning blog.

i miss you, blog. pass few days, i am busy with workloads and unwell. alhamdulillah.. now everything is under control. in fact, my health is way better.

on top of that, there are many things mingle around! i plan to blog about the current work station issues then annually dating with my ex-girl school mate however..

everything will be out on the next updates because there is one big thing which makes myself cant stop smiling since last night.

ha ha.. what was that?

hurm.. i dont know how to start. i am clueless.. since this is a good news of cause i am excited and a bit nervous waiting for tomorrow.

maybe.. this is a quick/sudden decisions. well.. i have to tell you this. being an army's gf anything cant be predicted. either to go or to cancel without earlier noticed. hu hu.

insya Allah. from the 1st day i accepted his proposal i am stand by with anything might happen around me within last minutes call.

like what i received last night through his 1st phone call after 4days at pulada, jb..

since it is too early to reveal, i am praying hard for our successful in this relationship. amin.

p/s: the clue is he will be at batu pahat this evening. big grinned.