cik syahira's engagement list *edit

July 14, 2010.


good morning blog.

in this fine morning, i would love to update my engagement list (so far). since many things are still mingle around, let me jot down one by one.

(if) any things, will sharing with you later. so, here you are:

cik syahira's engagement list


1. sirih junjung and/ or tepak sireh (depends on the budget).
2. an engagement cake, a choc cake from secret recipe. <-he always agree with me. ha ha. 3. fruits, orange sunkist. wink.
4. a bowl of chocolates.
5. sweets and candies. nom. nom.
6. a pair of baju melayu and buttons. <-bought ord. 7. a piece of kain samping. <- alhamdulillah. done. thanks kak sid and her sis for the help.
8. a pair of shirt and long pant. is waiting for a jusco big sale. ha ha.
9. a set of wallet and belt. <- done. in fact, this is my 1st kick start. wink.

mini dais:

the theme is typical english garden (pink-purple-cream). how does it looks like, are still under brainstorming process. however, the idea is there. hu hu.

insya Allah this weekend my mom and i will going to ayer hitam for surveying/ buying some goods for the mini dais.

well, diy only. save a lot!

the outfit:

a simple kurung modern is always in my mind. alhamdulillah.. after long waiting, the kurung modern is ready to wear. well, the color of cause in pink.

the materials are made by french laces and satin. then the scarf is made by lycra add on with diamonds. sounds glams. ha ha.

eh, one thing i did bought a not so called veil. it's a pretty awesome! <-just a simple one.

in addition, i bough a pair of black-gold high heels for the out door session. ha ha. since there was having 50% sales i dont mind to spend some money for it. wink.

hurm. next time i will update this. see you, later.

p/s: i like this concepts too.



adenium said...

syira.... songket ada ngan akak.. bebila mau ambik bgtau ye.. :D ... jgn lupa jemput tau.. heheheh

Lyn Yusoff said...

wahhhh!! bestnyer..
bila lah nak tunangnyer nihh..
teruja plak... <-- motiffffffff

Liza said...

i can already imagine how gorgeous this will be, mesti best

YuNa said...

darl... for ur outfit, u tertinggal your shoes ar... lupa ea... already bought it kan.. hik2..