another simple but sweet and beautiful idea

June 18, 2010.


good morning blog..

i found this pic inside my folder. so sweet. this time, i cant help myself looking at this beautiful deco.

the chandelier, the curtain, flowers and vases. arghh..

at the moment i saw this pic, new ideas popped out for diy mini dais. *coughs. the key words are mix and match. wink.

pic credited at watermark above.

so far including this pic, there are 3 designs/ deco which are most catches my eyes. oh, please i wont review other design/ deco because the more i google, more headaches i would be.


seems like i am ord decided what is the best/ how it could be. winks. therefore, i noted some info related on diy mini dais.

all and all. i wont rush. i love to survey 1st.

p/s: good bye to another mini dais designs.



farahfatihah said...

hi syahira...what a small world!!! org sri gading je? kat mana? i link u yer

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum farahfatihah.

just nearby with your place right?
thanks a lot.
soon will link you back.