luckily tomorrow is friday. NOT REALLY

July 15, 2010.


hi blog. viva espana. ha ha.

well, on the final world cup cik syahira and capt. fauzan were the die hard fan of spain since our favs argentina and italy fails to enter the next round. hu hu.

by the way, today is another me-not-like day. isk.

this morning:

1) my big boss called me to his room discussing about the changes in management department. he insists me to move from operational department to management department due to some reasons. hurm.

2) i love some changes. i love adventures. i love challenges. however, this time was not a right time for me to try and error because there is another high commitments to go. i mean, i must get the track again completing my Msc dissertation.

3) sounds complicated for me. switching to another department makes me giving highly commitments to my work such learning new things, adapting changes in working environment and other lousy things. sigh.

4) in term of working hours, i believe the new department is highly better than before.. well 0830-1730 monday to saturday. off day on sunday. however, the distance is 2 times far far away than before.

5) in fact, no longer having free foods like before. sob..

see.. i am starting missing my old days working with my team. hu hu. based from the order, monday will be my 1st day at the management department.

some more i just received a bad news which:

140 students required a detention from going home for weekends.

which means, no holiday for us this week. argh! i am stressed..

p/s: my staffs giving f*cking sign to show their protest. hu hu. sigh.