last moments -al fatihah-

June 11, 2010.


hi, blog.

have you ever thought, how long are your ages? most of the time, we never bothered about this or never ever thought right?

every morning, i started my day with:

what to wear? am i look good with this or that? omg, am late again! damn.. you silly driver.

then in work station:

i am busy with this and that. bla bla.

free time:

blogging (hu hu), surfing internet and playing games.

the cycle is rolling over and over again. until.. when the alarm is ringing it can be too late for everything. no such word as regret for something.

personally, i would like to share a very long story (it is ok if you wanna skip this) about an experiences of a sister during her last moments with his late brother.

did you get the point?

if i was in her shoes i will definitely lost, speechless, clueless and even nearly mad/ trauma. based on her story the death of your loving one makes you sick deep down there. it is broken into pieces.

it's hurtful. sob.

she did paused in a quite few times while writing her entry and type Allah.. Allah.. Allah. for so many times. i know she searched for strengths to continue her story.

omg.. she claimed she's not strong enough to get through all this. however, she asked for god's help and do believes there must be something good in future.

insya Allah.

p/s: in the name of Allah, today is friday i would like to ask forgiveness to all if i did anything with/ without i noticed because i dont know how long i live and how my life could be.



Nurul 'Uyun Binti Ahmad said...

subhanallah, thanks a lot kak... may allah grants you more and more.. =)

YuNa said...

:,( bergenang mata baca cerita ni.... Al-Fatihah...

lily lotus said...

happy weekend sis :)