once in a blue moon. hu hu

June 11, 2010.


good morning blog.

i am no longer an evening person. once i am working in my current work station i have changed to a morning person. nice..

that is why, i have tried to continue my sleep but it did not works! i wake up around 8am. hu hu.

since this evening my buddy, syazana asked me to accompany her to bridal boutique i decided to clear up my room now.

great! my hardworking mood is back. ha ha. at least i never feels guilty to hang out with my buddy because i did some house work today. la la laaaaa~

so enjoy my messy room (hu hu):

yes, i am a fashion holic.

my favvy, tiger from my sweetheart.

omg. damn ugly messy crazy!

hu hu. let's organized them..

ok. back to house work. thank god today is friday.. see you then, blog.

p/s: cant wait to meet syazana this evening. wink.