one fine saturday tag

June 12, 2010.


good morning blog.

it is a saturday tag. i grab from yaty and the rule is answer the tag below using a 1st letter from your name:

What is ur name : syahira

A four letter word : s.o.l.d

A boys name : syafiq <-my cousin.

A girls name : sabil <- my darling.

An occupation : soldier! ha ha.

Something you'll wear : short pants. wink.

A type of food : spaghetti carbonara cheese. nom. nom.

Something found in the bathroom : soap.

A place : sunway lagoon. yeay!!

A reason for being late : silly driver drive bloody slow. huhh!

Something u'd shout : sorry!!

Something u drink : sunquick, please~

A musical group : savage garden.

An animal : snails. ahhaha.

A type of car : swift!

A type of fruit : sour plum. omg!

have a great weekend all. is the time for attending wedding ceremony. bye, blog.

p/s: hey, i tag you reader! wink.



wawa syaida said...

hoho dh baca so kena taq eyyy...

wawa da nak mintak tolong cik sya ni...kalau free...try buka blog wawa...leh view x...wawa dh try view banyak xkuar entry side la...huhu

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum wawa.

i can view your blog as well as drop some comment.
have you checked it again?