i like sirap bandung and bandung city

June 19, 2010.


hi, blog.

my mood is missing. i dont know where she flies? i hope she will be back soon. before i turn my silent mood there are some random thoughts about bandung i would like to update in my blog.

1st is a sirap bandung. this is my fav because it is pink. ha ha. it is true. i am kind of easily influenced/ attracted with anything in pink.

now, you get the point right? where ever i go and what ever i do when it comes to something in pink, there easily catches my eyes 1st and probability for me to fall in love with them at the 1st side are very high.

for example, i went to supermarket to buy toiletries. based form my list i should by tooth brush, tooth paste, shower gel and etc.

based from my experiences i bought pink colgate 360 degrees deep clean tooth brush, fresh and white apple flavor with pink stripe tooth paste and pink dettol shower gel, refill and soaps -__-

not other than that, in fact i bought pink johnson's pure essentials talcum, pink johnson's face powder, syahirah's pink deodorant and syahirah's pink olive oil T_T

i did crazy job when i cant help myself to buy bodyshop's vitamin E trial kit and skin care products! <- because there comes with pink. hu hu.

alhamdulillah.. i did not have any probs applying them and of cause i am one of happy customer of bodyshop, malaysia.

therefore, back to the bandung and pink story i always enjoy the time when i was drinking sirap bandung. ha ha. because i really love it!

thumbs up for bandung cincau at laksa shake!!

2nd is bandung city. a shopping heaven for me and my darling. wink.

why i love bandung city excluded macet! ha ha. because of shopping, shopping and shopping.

in fact, my sweetheart ord know my tricks. he said there is no point for me if i said i wanna go to bandung again because i want to see tangkuban perahu! ha ha

fine. he did know me well. if i asked him for breakfast at mall he understand that i means of let's window shopping this morning.

if i am hungry then i am going for even window shopping surprisingly i forgot that i was hungry! omg. does it happen to other womens too?? hu hu.

shopping is like teraphy. NO. it is really a teraphy. * big grinned.

all and all, my darling and i plan to visit bandung again. i really wish that this will come true because i will shop till drop for wedding preparation in bandung city.

of cause with my darling, sabil. wink.

one sweet moments together.

no matter what bandung there are, i still love them both! ha ha.

p/s: i bought my 2m french laces for engagement at above pic's place.



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