off to work station

June 20, 2010.


good morning blog.

after almost two weeks of holiday finally today is the day i shall back to work station. thank god, i am in a good condition. i means, there is no sunday blues yet! ha ha.

it is ok. as long as the nawaitu is still on the right track, insya Allah every thing gonna be fine. OR i am praying hard that operations will running smoothly.

sometimes, those blues happen when the mood and energy gone blowing by the wind. hu hu.

time is running out!

i am gonna take shower, dress up and breakfast before going to work station. see you later, blog.

p/s: luckily my lil sister agree to follow and accompany me. wink. as for reward, i will bring her to big apple for donashi! nom. nom. nom.



Liza said...

big apple??? you make me wanna some too, lama tak makan big apple