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June 22, 2010.


hi, blog.

yesterday i listen to red fm and the hot chat is about b.o (body odor).

according to wikipedia body odor is the smell of bacteria growing on the body. these bacteria multiply rapidly in the present of sweat, but sweat itself is almost completely odorless to human -___-"

then, the dj asked what types of deodorant that you used daily?

my answer is i am applying 2 types of deodorant; stick and spray. there's been ages i left the roll on. hu hu.

being me i am applying deodorant stick since i was in secondary school. * deodorant roll on been applied when i was in primary school. my 1st brand is lady speed stick. i am a loyal customer of it almost 10 years. ha ha.

then, last year/ last 2 years i switched to syahirah brand. please forgive me. i am obsessed with my own name (ha ha) and my favs are pink and orange deodorant sticks.

well, the price is lower than before. *mode super saver. in addition, the smells are good too.

2nd i am applying gatsby deodorant spray. and it's free.

talking about body odor and deodorants, the person itself must taking good care of their own body to avoid smelly and always stay fresh.

in facts, there are several methods to ensure you smells good all the time:

1) keep it clean esp your underarm. wash them using soaps/ shower gels.
2) wash your clothes everyday! check your pants, socks and scarfs. or maybe underwear -___-"
3) try deodorant. for me it is the MUST..
4) beat irritation and odor. try anti bacterial soap. why not? in fact, i am using dettol soaps.
5) watch your diet. ha ha! avoid garlic, onions, spices or maybe some petai T_T
6) tone down that temper. all such things makes you sweating like hell! arghh..

p/s: what you say?



YuNa said...

entry ni sepatutnya perlu dibaca oleh sorang insan yg salu duk row depan kite dulu2.. kih2... erwk.. +_+