day 78: the conflict began ..

June 21, 2010.


hi, blog.

arghh.. last night we argued about a serious matter. i dislike when he cant decided where to go/ what to do when the moment i 100% ready to move.

actually this is the 1st argument after he is officially become an army officer.

well, we seldom argued about something or i can count maybe one or two times after about three years we have been together. sigh.

however, last night i told you is the most annoying time ever and i kind of frustrated with him! T_T i said annoying because he never realized that i was insisting! sob. sob.

this is because he busy watching italy vs new zealand!! -__-" fine. i know it was the wrong time for me to merajuk or what so ever. hu hu.

at the end, after the game is over he did text me ' aduhh.. seri la.' then i replied ' jangan cakap dengan syg. syg tengah merajuk ni.' sob. sob. sob.

gosh.. until now he didnt text me at all @__@"

p/s: i vote for argentina! waka waka (this time for africa).



*ayu the sun* said...

sian dia..
meh akak pujuk mau?