10 random thoughts on emotional day

June 27, 2010.


good morning blog.

without further due i would like to list down 10 things about yesterday, another emotional day in working life. hurm..

1) on saturday morning (yesterday) i plan to sleep until at least 8am. but.. around 7am my supplier call me, the selection of raw materials are out of stock! i am still sleepy and blur.

i make a phone call to my staff and asked him about his opinions. he said, go deals with another supplier and ad-hoc change the menu -___-"


my 2nd supplier detected my voice and he know i am still on my bed. ha ha. NOT funny..

2) i make a phone call to bff (noa) and set the appointment for sundaymorning-another hectic day in this week!

actually.. i MUST take a short slot with her because i wanna meet her 'cinonet-aina bam bam'.. oh, i cant wait!!

sigh. last time i met my bff was on her wedding day. isk. now, she has 'cinonet-aina bam bam'.

3) my mom fried me oyster mushrooms for breakfast. nom. nom. nom. i was very happy and for the 1st time in the rest of working life i bought some foods to work station. ha ha.

4) i dislike dealing with a group of people who organized BBQ last night. enough said.

5) my staffs discussing about horrors story happen in my work station! omg.. i wont stay up until late at night after this.

sob. sob. sob. T_T <-of cause i am scared.

6) my MD complains, i spend about RM6~7K more than usual budget. gulp.. i dont think so.

i guess he miss something important. does he sure that was 100% my faults or you-know-who?

oh, i wont bother about the over budget BECAUSE the one who in charge in financial auditing said it was TOTALLY not my faults.

i am free!!

yet, i still depress with those complains. hu hu hu. ok, serious i am EMO.

7) 20 students did not get enough main course! >_<"

fine, i blame myself because i follow you-know-who's advices. he said during weekend out of 470 students, just ordered for 300 students.

however i inform MD, i am not brave enough to take the HIGH RISK. then i ordered for 350 students. sob. sob. proven that, i cant ordered for less than 350 students. if not, foods are not enough.

by next time, i learn the lesson that never trust you-know-who again!

8) MD pushed me to save as much as i can. i am stress..

i am not supply for restaurants or local events, this was fully supervised by ministry of education. there are specs where by i must follow..

are not easy lah esp when there comes to case no. 7) -__-"

9) another case of a boy throwing a plate inside the dustbin. it happens for so many times. maybe he dislike us, unsatisfying with one of us or leaking of loves. ha ha.

well, this is serious. sigh.

however, to complain about the taste/ quality of foods i dont think so. this is because the rest are doing fine. if not i assures many plates found inside the dustbin!

10) at the end of the day, my staff found a grasshopper inside the main course!

wait.. i found this as a sabotage to my staffs. because i disagree if they said it was my leak of supervision.

facts proven that it was sabotage when my staff found the grasshopper is still alive. just imagine IF it was my careless/ mistakes the grasshopper shouldnt alive in damn HOT main coarse.

we stand by the main coarse around 5pm under covered and served them around 6pm. within hour, i believes the grasshopper died inside the HOT STEEL ord.

seems like the boys now playing dirty. hurm.

p/s: i heard a story, before this one manager annoyed with the management staff. then, he spit over the foods/ raw material before another staff cook for them.




wawa syaida said...

salam cik sya...

datang sini khatam entry...sy agak bz skang ni ngan keje...

dh baca entry ni...banyak bersabar keh...dah namany keje..perlu belajar dari kesilapan awal yang kita buat...

yg no. 5 tu....ada hantu ke +___+.....sy pun selalu kena stay up sampai mlm...hmmmm takut2