is fighting with satan

June 26, 2010.


good morning blog.

recently i am having a problem to wake up early in the morning. maybe (pre-assumptions):

1) i am tired (i am going home around 930pm every day T_T)
2) suddenly wake up around 3am every morning -__-"
3) it was raining every morning. hu hu.
4) my sister helps me to feed my grandma, so i dont need to wake up at 545am.
5) satan told me never wake up early for subuh prayers.

among all pre-assumption above, i am mostly afraid of at number 5. isk.

it was the biggest challenge so far. i am not sure how about others. unfortunately, i fails to fight with satan and cont sleeping until 730am. sigh. sigh.

sometimes, i think that how long i will be like this and i never know how long i could live as well as enjoy my life.

then, i realized some changes should be start and slowly change my direction to the right track. well, i know it was not a good things to blog about.

however, maybe some of my buddies have something to share/ advice in order to improve ourselves.

hurm.. this morning, my mom called me for subuh prayer. 1st, i thought to myself, hurm.. wait for minutes. 2nd time, she called again. i talk to my inner strenght, 'i must wake up! i must wake up! i must wake up!'.

alhamdulillah. it works.

still, i shall looking for any ways to ensure i wake up early in the morning and having my subuh prayers.

please, please.. helps me.

p/s: i understand many people having the same problem with me but shy to show off. isk.



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