i like fried oyster mushrooms

June 28, 2010.


good morning blog.

once a month i am craving for different foods. such as chocs indulgences at secret recipe, doughnuts at big apple, mee racun near carrefour batu pahat and etc etc.

recently i am addicted with fried oyster mushrooms. nom. nom. i am not sure where this addictions come from but i am looking for this seriously! ha ha.

at one fine evening, my staff help me to prepare this:

mix of oyster mushrooms, wheat floor, some water and jintan.

fried them on hot oil until there turn yellowish.

the not so yellowish oyster mushrooms but crunchy!!

i still remember at the 1st time i ate this was last 2004, during my 1st year degree. one of the hawker near by my uni sell fried oyster mushrooms, bananas, keropok lekor, tempe and etc.

ha ha. sweet memories with my bff.

p/s: that uncle still remember me when i went to his stall ^___^



farahfatihah said...

yummy!!! sedapnya..lama xmkn =)