sweet dreams

May 29, 2010.


good evening blog.

it is hot and i am sweating here. me, not like..

i am wearing short pant and singlet only. i shall take a shower before going to bed. hurm.. currently i am not comfortable la T_T

i thought every night are hot. why eh?

now is 2315 and i starts sleepy. my eyes hard to open and start yawning. again and again. in fact, when i type y.a.w.n it makes me automatically yawn! ha ha.

fine, enough about craps.

last night i have a smooth sailing sleep and dreaming about us. omg! maybe because of i really miss him. hu hu.


i do remember about few important things until it comes to my dream last night. well, it is about how nervous am i while waiting for his family come to my home at down south. phew..

i can see clearly, the stuffs done well in purple color. gulp..

i dislike purple but how come there are purple in theme?? eh, it just a dream right. sweet dreams for me and i hope all dreams come true.

insya Allah.

p/s: do visit my darling's blog. she's busy doing a preparation for her big day. all the best, dear.