sunday quick updates

May 30, 2010.


good afternoon blog.

alhamdulillah it was raining here. i love it! cold and comfy..

as usual, i am working today. since tomorrow is the end of may, i shall stand by some reports and documentations for monthly submission to account department.

next week are school holidays! which means my off day is around the corner. almost one week and half of rows. phew..

not decided yet where to go and what to do. hurm.

however, on coming thursday-sunday i have to manage one big event. it must be hectic days ever. there contains almost 550 peeps participated during that big event.

insya Allah my team will working hard and serving our best to ensure every one is happy with us..

last but not least, there are some pics of me in my office:

pink in color with some documents

my not so healthy breakfast fried kueh tiao and drumstick!

see you by next time. have a great weekend all.

p/s: lunch time on weekend is 1230.