night mode

May 18, 2010.


hi, blog.

it was raining heavily here. i love when it was raining before the bed time. the weather is cold. *yawning.

currently i:

is re-packing the parcels. i includes several gifts from sarawak as token of appreciation to my blogger buddies.

is yawning. hu hu.

is listing down all address. however, i just received 6 emails out of 10. hurm.

is yawning again. -____-"

is waiting for my sweetheart's sms.

is you know what. *yawn. and yawn.

is thinking, shall i send 6 parcels 1st tomorrow? hurm..

is receiving sms from supplier. lol!

is yawning! omg.

p/s: the reason why i keep on yawning.. again and again. hu hu.

* stop raining T_T