hadif amsyar bin saiful hisyam

May 18, 2010.


good morning blog.

mode: smiling 24 hours.

yesterday after office hour <- not my office hour! 5pm hu hu. mine is 8am-11pm.. i immediately went to general hospital to visit my sweetheart's cousin.

she has delivered a cute tiny baby boy on may 16, 2010. his cousin is a teacher married a teacher too and delivered exactly on teacher's day!

what a miracle, eh. pic below taken after so many times of trying. this is my 1st time met newborn who is about fresh from the oven. hu hu.

he tend to close his eyes and yawn! slowly open his eyes and close it. then, yawn again. hu hu.

hadif amsyar bin saiful hisyam is 2.9kilos!

alhamdulillah. hadif amsyar is the 1st grand grand son on my sweetheart's family. his cousin, kak long is the 1st grand daughter, following by her sister kak yan, my sweetheart and the rest..

every one call me auntie syira, ord. *sense of belonging by his family members. wink.

my excited face met hadif and cik ida (sweetheart's aunt/ hadif's grandma)

since i arrived around 530pm, i managed to spend time with them until 7pm. please, excuse my excited-ness. eh, can you see what is it at my right hand side?

it is special to lil hadif exclusively from auntie syahira and uncle fauzan. hurm.. which selected by my mom. a baby bag included a space for milk bottles.

hu hu. i dont know how to describe la! more or less like that. -____-"

p/s: i wish hadif amsyar bin saiful hisyam will be a good person and cheer up every one around you.



Lyn Yusoff said...

he's so cute..:)

*ayu the sun* said...

congrats to the family!!!
hari ni je sampai dua entry on new born akak baca.. excited!

amin amin... semoga dia mmbesar mnjd anak yang soleh.

lily lotus said...

congrates to the parents. eh awak bila lagi..cepat kawen :P

yaTy ♥ said...

sgt comel..