a miracle

May 26, 2010.


hi, blog.

i visit kak lyn's blog and read about the rainbow story. i started recalled about last saturday i saw rainbow too.

i guess, we saw the same rainbow because during that time i was in kl.

it was one fine saturday evening. after raining and the rainbow shines.. i was on my way back to johore and my eyes catch this:

the-not-so best shoot.

the big chair is look familiar, eh.

for the best view of the rainbow last saturday's evening, do visit kak lyn's blog. wink.

p/s: chili prawns is waiting for me. nom. nom.



Lyn Yusoff said...

salam syahira...
i guess we saw same rainbow lat saturday....
masa tu kak lyn kt area bukit jalil.... hehehe

lily lotus said...

eh. bukit jalil..area my house ni..how come i tak nampak..hiks..tertidur kot