about a sticky entry

May 26, 2010.


good morning blog.

i received sms yesterday. my darling text me asked on how to create a sticky entry. since she is a newbie in blogging world, i would like to post this entry special to her/ newbies out there.

let's follow me. 1st and foremost:

create a new post as usual

start writing until the end

then publish your post

when the entry is successfully publish, click edit post

please click post option and spot the post date and time

edit the date and time
p/s: the date and time are refer to the end of the stick entry
example: today is May 26,2010 and the sticky entry needed to be on top for 7 days.
therefore, change the date to June 01, 2010 and time is depends lah

finally, the sticky entry is stick until June 01, 2010.
in fact, it located at the top
p/s: new entry updates will be shown below the sticky entry

that is all about the sticky entry. i hope it helps you, darling.

p/s: next i will share about how to re-schedule the post. it is fun!



adenium said...

gud job

YuNa said...

wohoo.... its help me a lot.... especialy bout--> make the entry on the top 4 7 days...thank darl.... lebiu n miss u so much!! muahh222.... yayyyyy!!