cream french lace order

May 26, 2010.


hi, blog.

i am still in office. need to settle down my works before i am leaving this place.

however i cant stick to the task because blogging, face booking and browsing job opportunities are much more interesting! ha ha..

is happy with my new web came. wink.

i am looking for this color.

dear terompahsurau,

here i attached the cream color of satin material added with white beads. girl, i am crazy with this one. catch this for me if you can. ha ha.

before i forget, here are several descriptions about the hot stuff:
4m french lace <- hope you get free satin lining. ha ha
cream in color like attached ^_____^
full with white beads like attached! <- my tailor must be killing me.
my budget is between 100,000-150,000 Rupiah per meter (if possible).

however, if they manage to give you best price where by included free 4m or 4.5m for him it was a great deals!

ok enough. i wont make you horrible while taking this order. ha ha. i pray hard for you girl. have a safe journey and enjoy your trip!

p/s: in case the cream color looks ugly i gave you chances to choose a very soft yellow for us. hey, i know you know my taste is. *hope so.
** since my mom doesnt allow me to wear off white, that is why i choose cream in color. more or less it was not look annoying during the big day. * i guess. hu hu.



liyana said...

pergh..siap buat entry nk pesan baju kawen...caya lah babe.. ehehehe..akan ku usahakan baju terbaek buat mu ^_^