living cost in city is expensive. discuss..

May 02, 2010.


hi, blog.

i am sorry, not updating blog for a few days. i am busy with thesis submission and the never ending work loads. hu hu.

in order to did not let this space empty, i blog something on current issue. i hope this matter shall be looking forward seriously by peeps out there.

living cost in city is expensive. any one deny this??
i have discuss with my buddy regarding on above matter. we agreed that living in city is expensive because every thing is about money.

i mean, when we are going to some where we have to spend for fuel and toll/ transportation fees, having meals of cause need to spend money, going to toilet also need to stand by small coins <- see money again. eh, even when you park your car most of the time you need to pay for the space right? <- for certain cases only.

see. daily every day i bet you RM 10 is no longer enough to spend for reasons stated above right? my buddy told me every day she spend RM 20 for fuel, RM 2 for toll and average cost RM 10 for foods. bla bla.. about RM 32 per day!

being me, who love delicious foods very much i hardly denied my craving symptoms. hu hu. almost every week, i spend some money to enjoy foods. maybe some said, eh that were not expensive lah bla bla bla.

but for me, there are expensive and i shall stop being so choosy to buy hot stuffs/ branded items and expensive food which that money worth to spend for any important things.

secret recipe near by our house, SACC Mall.

eh, forgot lah. but it was in Jj Bukit Tinggi.

Johnny Steamboat at Bukit Raja.

Subway at Bintang Walk.

omg! Subway again at Mid Valley. hu hu.

Johnny Steamboat nearby my house, Jj Bukit Raja.

hu hu. i noticed when i stay in city i spend much for food and other expenses including shopping items -____-" there are proven that, the living cost in city is expensive compare to my current hometown.

NOW, in hometown i live without toll and house rent, less fuel expenses and almost zero for food because i am dealing in catering services whereby delicious foods are ready every day ha ha ha! for free. wink.

since my working hours are flexible and some time is too pack, i did not have time to hang out or window shopping which resulted i save a lot! thank god.

i wish..

i could save money for a big event which is around the corner.

p/s: times up. see you later.



Liza said...

that is true, cost of living is very high. normal economy principle, either you increase your income or decrease your spending, the latter is the most possible way