stressed or desserts

April 28, 2010.


recently i easily stressed because of small matters. things happen when the due date submission of thesis is around the corner and at the same time peeps around me make some noise.

haih, nice lah eh.

most of the time, i did my job with the best efforts and encourages my staffs to do well. however..

daily everyday, there will be things that i called uncertainties where by affected the operation. this matters become issues highlighted by several peeps who monitored the whole process.

kindly good for us to improve our services but mostly there makes me headaches with complaining here and there.

i admit, sometimes it was my mistake. hurm..

i is stress oh! grrr.. until when i always claim i is stress, i is stress, i is stress. then i realized nothing could change them.

what if i myself change stressed to desserts? better is it!

p/s: i shall baking desserts or buying desserts?? arghh. i hate choices sometimes.



lily lotus said...

eh yerlah baru perasan terbalikkan word tu jadi desserts..sounds cool kan

Aidi-Safuan said...

maybe u should bake or buying stressed instead of desserts. :P

Liza said...

stresstu biasa dik, just how we manage it is more important