finally, i submit my thesis

May 03, 2010.


good morning blog.

thank god. finally, i managed to submit my thesis after my head nearly cracked and seriously i almost give up for 2nd times.

many thanks <- eh, like to gratitude for award ceremony or what?? ha ha. to my family, best buddies, sweetheart, girls and not forget to lecturers and respondents who giving me their 100% commitments to help me out.

i never forget when:
my mom and dad ask me about the progress and i use to lie them, i did. actually, i am not. after work around 9pm, my battery is near to zero. i did shower or sometimes i am not and zzz..

my sister really want me to submit my thesis and she was there until the submission day. she helps me and never complain with me even i irritated!

sweetheart never fails to support and hold me tight every time i down! even i am lying to him about the progress but he never angry with me. i am sorry, dear.

my best buddies also gave me some advices and pray for me too. many thanks, darling.

my girls condemn me when i told her i wanna buy a new uitm sticker and she strictly said am i wanna repeat for another semester! ha ha ha. fine. by the way, i always love you girls.

lecturers and supervisor always sharing and caring for their naughty students. hu hu hu. skip class, late for half and hour, sleep in class, fail to submit thesis and etc.

respondents who giving and helping me during the findings research. many thanks sir and mdm for your kindness and commitment.

phew. life is not the end yet because by may 11, 2010 i have a final presentation! wish me best of luck eh.

because many things to go after this... esp *coughs like below.

p/s: i must give 200% best for it!



yaTy ♥ said...

hye syahira..
bagus lar da submit..
tak pening da lagik..
gud luck n all the best yer..

liyana said...

ade ayat yg mcm aku kenal je..ehehe

adenium said...

i know the hardest part is writing... i did master deggre by research....
well.... congratulationssssss sis

Liza said...

my doa for you sis, sure can one!