is waiting for sarawak's gift

May 17, 2010.


hi blog.

currently i am waiting for a bundle of gifts from sarawak. still remember about my giveaway last last last feb?

in order to bring the happiness for 10 lucky bloggers who patiently waiting for their pressie i would love to add on the value of prizes..

all parcels are ready to send to post office. however, i am still waiting for my sis who bought extra happiness to my lovely bloggers.

i ordered some token of appreciation and apologized to send over too.

eh, before that if and if my 10 lucky bloggers who read this, would you mind to re-confirm your address? in fact by tonight i will email all 10 of you to re-confirm it.

p/s: thanks to my lovely reader, munirah hanim ishak for the conformation address.



misz_nierah said...

ooppss...hehe. ur most welcome. i just re-confirm the address so that it won't return to you back since i'm at home right now.

btw,u r so kind for adding the extra gift. thanks a bunch and may Allah bless you with lots of His rezeki. =)