mobile phone for kids. what you say?

May 17, 2010.


good morning blog.

i do remember about this. last 2 weeks, there is a topic about the application of mobile phone for kids in red fm. i means, peeps have kids and are they allow their kids to have one or not.

as usual i love to respond and share my opinions.

generally, mobile phone is VERY important nowadays. it is a tool of communication technology. i started using mobile phone when i continue my study at the matriculation college, last 2003.

my 1st mobile phone is nokia butterfly. i sign up with maxis pre-paid. if i am not mistaken, after that my mom have one and my dad terminated the home line.

it was easy for us to chit chat and send sms updated on daily life. during that time, my parents top up credits for me every month. ha ha. nice!

mostly i am using mobile phone for alarm, phone call, sms, mms, reminders and calculator's function.

nowadays, technology have been updated tremendously. well, you ord know how fast it changes and how advances it goes now.

some agree and some not with the application of mobile phone for kids. personally, i am agree kids should have one BUT it must be under supervision by adult.

talking about supervision, being me i must said adult must control and set the rules within the agreement of both kids and parents lah.

let them understand the importance of mobile phone and what not to do with it. kids must be responsible and i am disagree if they bring it to school. hahh..

one thing, never let them have the expensive one. enough said.

his mobile phone. pic taken last 2009. huh! damn fat.

p/s: i am exchange hp with my sweetheart. i used his sony ericsson and he used my motorola. wink.



adenium said...

kebaikan dan keburukannya terpulang kepada,..bagaimana kita menggunakannya.. :D