feeling guilty

May 04, 2010.


good morning blog.

every 1st and 16th day every month i struggle to finish my task in office. i must complete daily, weekly and annually reports, purchase orders, payment vouchers and punch cards.

in fact, last april was the hectic month ever because catering business has running very well. almost every weeks there have an invitation. then, i went to shah alam almost every weeks due to dentist appointments and thesis submission.

for today, i still not submitting all report yet! hu hu. by the time this entry has published, i might be struggling to finish every thing T_T not good. not good.

hurm.. i am not only pending my task but sending over prizes for my 1st time contest! ok, that one seriously i am feeling guilty. yess, i know i did mention about them for so many times.

before my blogger buddies frustrated and annoyed with me, better i send them immediately. hu hu.

p/s: taufidris, what is your post code? text me please. thank you.



ZhEt said...

xpela kakak.
kerja lagi penting.
hadiah nanti bole anta.
jgn stress2 buat kerja ye :)

lily lotus said...

masyuk :)