annoying neighbors

May 05, 2010.


morning blog.

i listen to red fm and would like to respond about their hot topic yesterday morning regarding on annoying neighbors!

well, i experiences them for few times..

case study one:
my previous neighbors are bangladeshi. at the 1st time of cause i am worried because they live in quite a big numbers and speak language that i did not understand. hu hu.

hey please, do not under estimate them. they are such a good neighbors because they never disturbed others except every day i smells their delicious curry! ok, that one really disturb me. ha ha.

case study two:
boys in front of my door are mysterious. *coughs. one of my best buddy found a girl hiding at the back of his door in one fine morning!

omg, next!

case study three:
i cant stand with my previous neighbor who likes to remove furniture every night and knock here and there. s.h.i.t!

it happen ALMOST EVERY NIGHT. omg, i cant help myself suffering with those annoying noises. grrr.

case study four:
i did write about this years ago. read the full story. i am sorry, my english is bad.

case study five:
my current neighbors. ups! she is a mother of hurm.. i am not sure. every day she will yelling and screaming to her kids. damn.

what an annoying sounds lah??

in fact, few years ago both of them husband and wife love to karaoke loudly until they really disturbed my evening nap -____-" hu hu.

omg. how come i can handle this living with those kind of annoying neighbors?? ha ha. i am pretty sure over so many neighbors of cause one or two are annoying. the rest are fine, maybe.

eh, or you never know who is your neighbor next door?? gulp.

p/s: instead of annoying neighbors one day i shall blog about annoying drivers who pissed me off! *red flag mode.



Sabilina said...

ops... jiran depan rumah yg gal die nyorok tu pon kite perasan lorh.. hehehe

liyana said...

utk jiran yg suke alih brg tu, skang habit die makin menjadi-jadi sbb skang diorg tgh buat minor renovation.. ketuk sana lubang sinun..huh..bising + berhabuk