day 42: serious talk.

May 16, 2010.


hi, blog.

wow! such cant believe this. it was 42 days of journey as a real life of military girl friend. why i called this as REAL?

because previously under the training session, i easily adopted everything. now it has change..

no more happy hours, no more study schedule and no more excuses.

he has working and serving under the flag of army to this country. sounds BIG responsible, right. being his girl friend is not easy.

the key words are sacrifice, strong, patient, independent and trust.

so, last night after i am not sure maybe about a week we did not chat through the phone i text him. i said, we need to talk. hurm.

alhamdulillah, he is free. yeay.. he called me.

many things have been discussed last night. i need an explanation. just an explanation. enough said.

he did mention that even one of his friend who has married yet hard to explain to his wife about his career.. being their wives too are not easy, i told you. esp at the early stages of marriages.

they are not like any man outside. their responsibility towards this country much more higher and bigger than anything else. they cant stay close to you..

alhamdulillah. so far i am doing fine. at the 1st time i accepted his proposal i did understand and get ready for this uncertainties. as what i said before, my family his family and all my friends are always here to support me.

there is no worries. but, from time to time i just need a simple explanation. i never asked more than that. what i really wanted now, he is doing fine there and always love me.

again alhamdulillah. we were seriously in relationship for about 2 years and a half. staying 2 years and a half with him is the preparation for me to understand bit by bit on being a military wife.

insya Allah.

p/s: he just text me, inform that it was raining heavily there. pity him.

** i never asked him details about his job because this is private and confidential. in fact, there are against the rule oh!



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