happy teacher's day

May 16, 2010.


happy teacher's day!!

1st and foremost i would love to wish happy teacher's day to my dad, cikgu shah beran bin otoh. his passion towards teaching students is high over the sky.

he started his career at maktab perguruan gaya, sabah which currently known as institut perguruan gaya. he has been teaching more than 27 years.

in year 2010, i dont have any special gift to him except the unstoppable prayers for his health and wealth. * last night i bought him a piece of cake. hu hu.

abah, you did not read this but i hope you know how much i love you!

cikgu shah beran bin otoh.

next is the unforgettable moment forever.

cikgu zaimah (at the left) is my 1st official teacher excluded my beloved parents. she has a lovely face, soft spoken and very kind to us.

i use to remember when she become angry with us when we were playing hide and seek! she smashed my butt with wooden yellow ruler. ha ha ha. sorry cikgu!

i hope to see her one day.

last but not least to teachers all over the world, HAPPY TEACHERS DAY!

p/s: i am grateful with what i am now. alhamdulillah.