day 31

May 05, 2010.


morning blog.

days, nights, days and nights.. my sweetheart has moved to pahang for a month. meaning that, about a month too we did not met each others.

for 1st few weeks, i can described as suffer living like what i have go through. i am sick because i am handling too much of emotions.. it is painful.

now it was a month. as what i am expected, i am doing fine. this is the real life of army's girlfriend. there teach me on being a stronger, patient, independent (yes, i am) and trust each others.

the happiest moment for day 31 is he was in johore now! he told me he has a mission impossible for two months. wink.

p/s: i am loving it. he love it more..



Sabil said...

WOW!!! gud news lorh!!